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Our 2024 Vision Quests

Currently we have two Vision Quests planned for 2024. Both hosted over eight days in NSW.

Northern NSW:

Darwin NT - dates to be confirmed.

Our Facilitators & Protectors

All our facilitators and protectors have been fully trained in the Stalking Wolf Lineage by Steve McKenzie of Soulpaths Australia and Kate Rydge and Sam Robertson of Nature Philosophy Australia. All have a deep and experiential knowledge of this lineage.


Geoff grew up on the beautiful Mid North Coast NSW and early in life developed a love for the ocean and surrounding rivers spending many hours either surfing or fishing. He tried his luck in the big smoke for a number of years but heard the call to nature and returned to the area of his earlier years with his young family.

Moving just slightly off the coast he has added to his first love, the ocean, a deep connection to the earth and the natural world. First stepping into holding ceremonial space through the Mankind Project in 2011 he now holds regular sweat lodges with a team of close friends.

Geoff has trained to be a life coach, is a certified Quest protector in the Stalking Wolf lineage and experienced sweat lodge water pourer.


Lawrence has enjoyed over 25 years of taking people on adventures in the sky, underwater and in wild nature, that help them feel alive and feel their personal freedom and power.

His background is instructing in adventure sports, skydiving and scuba diving. He is also a nature connection instructor, Vision Quest Protector and life coach.

His passion is helping people to reconnect with their birthright and remember their ancestral wisdom, believing that when we connect with wild nature, the wildness awakens within us and we remember who we are.


Originally from Germany, Martina had been a searcher for purpose and truth for as long as she could remember, and this search first led her to Australia and finally to her first Vision Quest in 2017, which was a hugely significant event. What she finds profound in Vision Quest, is the deep healing that can happen when time is spent alone with Mother Nature, being held by her and without being judged.

Martina believes it’s a powerful sacred ceremony that is much needed in the times we are in. She feels deeply honoured to be part of holding this sacred space for people who want to touch their essence and start being whole again. She feels deep gratitude to the Stalking Wolf lineage and for the people who passed on their wisdom and knowledge.

With gratitude we acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and indigenous people globally. Every project we contribute to unfolds on the lands of people who have deep, embodied knowledge of Country. We pay respect to this knowledge and elders past, present and emerging.
SoulRite Vision Quests for 2024: