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Our 2024 Vision Quests

Currently we have two Vision Quests planned for 2024. Both hosted over eight days in NSW.

Northern NSW:

Darwin NT - dates to be confirmed.

Are you ready to embrace the full truth of your power?

Join us on an ancient and powerful nature-based journey where, without distractions we gift ourselves the opportunity to connect with our own soul’s Vision.

What is a vision quest?

The Vision Quest Ceremony is a personal rite of passage that gives us the opportunity to connect with the essence of who we truly are, beneath the layers of persona and routine.

Fasting from food, technology, and everyone we know, we immerse ourselves in our sacred Quest circle for 4 days and nights, a wild and natural space that calls us in solitude.

This sacred journey into our deepest selves takes courage and determination, where our commitment may be tested and our resolve rewarded with profound personal growth, liberation and empowerment.

Are you ready to embrace the full truth of your power?

Join us on one of our Vision Quests - currently we have two Vision Quests planned for 2024, both hosted over eight days in NSW. Northern Territory dates are to be confirmed.

Who is Vision Quest For?

Vision Quest may be perfect for you if:

  • You’re seeking answers to BIG life questions
  • You’re seeking a deeper, more authentic connection with yourself and the natural world around you
  • You’re feeling called to step into a role of personal empowerment and leadership
  • You’re faced with a potentially life-changing big decision and seeking clarity?
  • You ready to discover your soul’s true-life purpose
  • You’re needing to move through emotional blocks and release yourself of limiting beliefs and behaviours

Safely supported the entire time by our team of trained facilitators, you will be immersed in wild nature, solo for 4 days and nights as part of an 8-day program, held in the sanctity of your chosen Quest circle.

Facilitators and protectors

All our facilitators and protectors have been fully trained in the Stalking Wolf Lineage by Steve McKenzie of Soulpaths Australia and Kate Rydge and Sam Robertson of Nature Philosophy Australia. All have a deep and experiential knowledge of this lineage.

Meet our facilitators and protectors
With gratitude we acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and indigenous people globally. Every project we contribute to unfolds on the lands of people who have deep, embodied knowledge of Country. We pay respect to this knowledge and elders past, present and emerging.
SoulRite Vision Quests for 2024: