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Our 2024 Vision Quests

Currently we have two Vision Quests planned for 2024. Both hosted over eight days in NSW.

Northern NSW:

Darwin NT - dates to be confirmed.

SoulRite Vision Quest NSW 2023

Are you ready to quest?

Are you ready to sit for 4 days and nights in your own sacred space immersed in wild nature fasting from all things familiar?

Are you ready to fulfil your own unique vision?

The Programme

The Vision Quest Program is hosted over 8 days: 14th to 21st October 2023.

Days 1-2

The first 2 days involve finding and preparing your quest site, with teachings to support you on your quest. A sweat lodge is held on the 2nd night to initiate the beginning of your Vision Quest Ceremony.

Days 3-6

These are the 4 days and nights of Vision Quest Ceremony. Sitting solo in wild nature fasting from food and all things familiar (except water). Free from daily distractions and held by Mother Earth the Quest will support you find that which your soul seeks. Perhaps letting go of old stories you’ve outgrown and giving birth to the new.

Days 7-8

The final 2 days are dedicated to integration. You will be supported and given tools to help bring clarity and purpose to the messages and insights you will have received. A safe and supported space will be held at all times.

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The Vision Quest will be held on a private property on Bundjalung country, Fortis Creek near Grafton. 680 acres of wild nature in a completely private and pristine environment. Only 1 hr from Coffs Harbour airport.


14th to 21st October 2023.



With gratitude we acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and indigenous people globally. Every project we contribute to unfolds on the lands of people who have deep, embodied knowledge of Country. We pay respect to this knowledge and elders past, present and emerging.